Other Attractions

SKEE BALL IN THE LOFT Skee-ball is a social sport, played in leagues across the USA. Here in the UK it’s less well-known, but is growing in popularity. It’s easy to play. Each player rolls their ball up the alley where a ramp at the end sends it into the air. No entertainment centre is complete without skee-ball, so we hope you will give it a go and see if you can be the one to score the highest number. See skee-ball in action here


Players who run other opponents into the wall get a pair of red horns while players who keep it clean get a halo at the end of the race. 

Damage received to the car doesn’t affect performance unless the player crashes and crashes are breath taking and realistic.

OBIE – Interactive Play for Children

Designed to get kids moving and make learning fun, Obie is an Interactive  Gaming Console that provides endless possibilities. There’s an Obie game for everyone. Families love Obie whether they’re all playing or not



Is a brilliant test of your reflexes and skills. Go head-to-head with a friend and use the paddle to smash the puck in the back of your opponent’s goal. The puck moves really fast thanks to the air currents so make sure you’re concentrating!

Skee Ball, Air Hockey & Nascar Team Racing require £1 coins to play.