Escape Rooms

Rhythm & Rhyme CHALLENGE Room

You think it’s for children and that is the joke.
It’s not just for youngsters, but women and blokes.

You’ll walk in the room and think it’s a hoax.
But to solve these challenges you’ll need clever folks.

10 puzzles await you all laid out and bright.
If you think it is easy, then you may not be right.

One hour is given, but you may want all night.
And you’ll need all the answers to get this one right!

(The challenge is to get all ten numbers hidden in the puzzles, added up they will give you the code to unlock the door to leave)


Sink or Swim Escape Room

You are on a ship to one of the Islands in the Indian Ocean. There has been a terrible storm and the ship has been hit by a huge wave which has turned it upside down. You are trapped below deck and you can’t get out because the water has flooded the upper decks.

The captain’s office is underwater as are most of the cabins. You find yourself in the chief engineer’s office where you will be able to gain access to the rest of the ship and the escape route, which isn’t flooded – yet!

Now the most important thing is to find a way out of this ship – You have one hour before the ship is completely flooded.

Just when you think you have succeeded you will need to work your way through the laser protection wall.

You will need observation and physical skills to find your way out of this one.

upside down steam liner