Escape and Challenge Rooms

Sink or Swim Escape Room

Sink or Swim 2 – A whole new experience

Undeterred by the loss of their previous ship, the Captain and the Chief Engineer decide it’s time to set sail again on a fresh adventure. All is going swimmingly, until some days into the voyage they encounter one of the fiercest storms of their sailing lives! Bravely they battle to keep control of the vessel, until at the height of the storm there is an ominous creak!! A huge crack appears in the ship’s side and water starts to pour through!

The captain senses that sinking feeling once again, as slowly the ship rolls and turns upside down. He knows it will take only an hour for her to be completely submerged beneath the waves!

Some of the crew had earlier been commanded to loose the lifeboats and are now waiting a short distance away hoping to retrieve those few who remain on board.

Will you be able to make it out of the ship within the hour and be rescued?!!

A small boat in a stormy sea


Through the wardrobe challenge room


Professor Green discovered a mythical world beyond his wardrobe but once he entered, he realised there was no way back and he had to find another way.

To make sure he could find his way again he left a series of hidden clues to follow.

He timed himself and found it took him 50 minutes to get back.

He set a challenge for anyone else who wants to take this journey THOUGH THE WARDROBE.

Can you do it in less time?

The clock starts to tick as you enter the wardrobe.

Who will take up the challenge?

This room involves some climbing and physical activities that anyone with a disability would find very difficult.